April 6, 2022

Sizing for Success!

CS Athletic offers a few options for sizing your shoes, practice wear, and uniforms.

Please keep in mind your in-hand dates when planning for sizing. If you qualify for sizers then you need to plan for a couple weeks to make and ship them to you.

Practice Wear: If you are ordering over 100 pieces of practice wear, we can send you 4 sizers (YS, YL, AS, and AL) This is one of every other size. You can use this in conjunction with our sizing chart (below).

Uniforms: If you are ordering over 30 uniforms we can send you 4 sizers (YS, YL, AS, and AL). This requires a 50% deposit and the sizers will be made-to-order for you too keep. You can use these in conjuction with our sizing chart (below).

Shoes: If you are ordering over 60 pairs of shoes we can send out a full sizing run of shoes for you to size your athletes. If you are ordering less than 60 pairs then we can send out sizing insoles for you to size your athletes. Please follow this sizing guide when using the insoles to size your athletes!

Ready to Size?

Download the measurement chart here!

Follow the Measurement Guide and Tips Below when measuring your athlete.

Measurements should be taken in INCHES!

Please note that if you have a sizing issue once your order is received, we will need photos of the athlete’s measurements and, if possible, a photo of the athlete in the item. It is imperative that you take the sizing process very seriously and follow the directions below.

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